Nose Creek Uniform Distribution Information

Posted by Nosecreek Softball Association on Mar 26 2019 at 07:29PM PDT in 2019 Softball Season

Nose Creek Uniform Distribution
Saturday, April 6
Thorncliffe-Greenview Community Centre
5600 Centre Street N
Old Lobby – East side of building

12:00 HS-1 McNees
12:10 HS-2 Usherwood
12:20 14-2 (Blue) Martin
12:35 14-3 (Black) Livingston
1:00 12-1 (Premier) Stecyk
1:15 12-2 (Blue) Blakeley
1:30 12-3 (White) Langan
1:45 12-4 (Black) Underdahl
2:15 10-1 (Traditional) Tessier
2:30 10-2 (Blue) Robinson
2:45 10-3 (Black) Resch
3:00 10-4 (White) Willment
3:15 14-1 (Premier) Rowe

Uniform Deposit cheques must be received before a uniform will be issued.

Hand-Me-Down Table: Please bring in any ball-related equipment or clothing that you are no longer using. Everyone is invited to “shop” from these items, even if you didn’t bring items in.

The Nose Creek uniform consists of a jersey, black ball pants, royal blue ball socks, and a royal blue belt. The jersey is to be returned at the end of the season, and the pants are yours to keep.

Items Available for Purchase (Cash or Cheque Only)
Socks: $10
Belts: Used $3, New $8
Headbands: $15
Toques: $10

If you are unable to attend on pickup day:
First try to arrange for a teammate to get it.
Then ask your coach to get it.
If those are not possible, then email